Previous designs

I decided to find some pictures of prevoius designs that i have done before I started this blog. I hope you like them šŸ™‚

That Image Spam!


Acrylic nails with handpainted blue flowers and rhinestone

I finally finished both my hands this time šŸ™‚ I’m not sure I like how they look on me, because they are a bit too broad. I think I need to get one of those pinching tools to be able to make the nails look more natural.

Now I am exited to see how long they will last šŸ™‚

2nd try, Acrylic nail with blue flower :)

I decided to try again on the acrylic stuff, and apparently some practice helps šŸ™‚ I still struggle a bit on the edges of my cuticle, because the acrylic is not supposed to be in contact with it, but I failed here.. Atleast the flower turned out cute šŸ™‚ Gonna do the rest of my nails as well, in time, but this is some time-consuming stuff! Hopefully it will go faster when I know exactly how to do it šŸ™‚

Scary nails

A friend of mine was kind enough to let me do her nails today šŸ™‚

Here is the result:

Well the peace sign isn’t all that scary, but atleast now she kan give someone the finger with good intentions šŸ™‚

OPI Teenage Dream

I bought this today, and it is as pretty on the nails as it looked in the bottle šŸ™‚ I finished off with Seche Vite Top Coat and as a base I use Essie All In One Base.

Do you like this type of polish?

I’m sorry about my camera, I use the one on my phone, and it isn’t very good, but I hope you can see how the polish looks šŸ™‚

Music <3

Recently this song has been on my mind. It is a cover song by The Piano guys, they covered Coldplay’s song, Paradise with an african twist which is just awesome and wonderful to listen to. High volume please!

Konad nail stamps

I tried konad yesterday, with the french manicure tips, but I was not very satisfied with the result, so I decided to try again today.

I was pleased that my technique improved after some practice, and the result was not really stylish, but kinda cool. Also I wanted to try more than one design on the stamps, so it ended up kinda messy šŸ™‚ I hope you like it!